At-Home Music Activities!

Are you running out of ideas for your kiddos at home? Really feeling the boredom and frustration of quarantine and kids being stuck at home all day? Do you kiddos like music, play, and creativity?

Then this list could help you! This list includes a bunch of links to DIY instruments, apps, and music/science experiments. With the help of an older sibling or with parent/caregiver support – these can be great ideas to keep your kiddo busy, engaged, and learning.

The DIY instruments included in this download are mostly created from recycled materials that are probably laying around the house anyway. Also if you can’t find the materials – encourage kiddos to head outside and find a nature replacement! No popsicle sticks? Use a stick from outside! No beads? Find some tiny rocks! This is a great way to support creative thinking, problem-solving, and definitely a cure for boredom!

The music and science experiments are great for kids who love science — learn how acoustics works through making things like oobleck! These definitely may need parent/caregiver support – but they are fun for adults too.

The apps that are listed in this download are focused on education. We all know kids love their screen time and wouldn’t it feel good to know that you kiddo is actually learning during that screen time too? These apps do just that – in the realm of music!

You can download your copy here!

Families are struggling with so many things right now and the last thing you need as a parent is pressure to come up with ideas. This list will give you something to start on and hopefully keep the kids busy for a little while!


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